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Here you can read articles and reviews about online dating.
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16-07-2015 Makes Being Able to Get Married Even More Meaningful
22-04-2013 The Real Perks Of Online Dating Makes Being Able to Get Married Even More Meaningful

Years ago the gay community pioneered the entire online dating experience, evolving from a large number of single men looking to hook up online, to a progressive mobile based set of dating enthusiasts, and now will the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court the community to evolving once again.

There is a much higher priority being placed on finding a perfect match, with long-term love and everlasting bonds being formed by a growing number of married men who met their same sex spouse online.

At the forefront of this new, more romantic and emotionally deep era of gay dating are a small set of websites that focus primarily on helping hunks build the kind of meaningful connections that can flourish for the long term.

“We are really proud of the work we have done, community building and helping to turn the tide in a symbolic and factual sense, from one of misunderstanding to a new rich and rewarding time period of social understanding” said Rod Dawson of “So many men are looking for the same level of romantic involvement their parents, or hetero friends have had and now that social acceptance is becoming the norm – so is the idea of finding a soul mate online by using sites like ours that go more than just skin deep.”

Here at, we hope everyone has the opportunity to experience the life changing joy of finally finding someone who enhances who you are, by becoming part of your life in a full time, every day, always and forever sort of way. Love isn’t about gender, it’s about feelings, and having gay dating sites like All Male leading the way is what will likely allow the gay community to go beyond being ‘able’ to get married, to find a future where millions of gay men marry and share their souls successfully with a spouse they can finally call their husband!

The Real Perks Of Online Dating

It's hard to go more than a day or two lately without hearing about some new trend in social networks and Internet communications. From entirely new social networks popping up, to communication apps and services, technology is constantly improving the convenience with which people meet and interact with each other.

One area in which these trends are particularly apparent is in romance and dating. While many still prefer the good old-fashioned ways to meet people and date, the Internet now offers an incredible variety of services devoted to all aspects of romance.

Whether it's meeting someone in a friendly chat room, reading romance stories, or even shopping for romantic products at stores like Adam & Eve, there is an option online for just about every romantic endeavour. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is the ever-expanding world of online dating.

Again, many still prefer other ways of dating, and there are specifically many who don't believe online dating is for them. However, with more and more people all over the world enjoying the potential and benefits of meeting people online, the concept is only becoming more normal. And, particularly in certain situations - moving to a new country, dating for the first time in years, etc. - online dating can simply be the most convenient and enjoyable option. Here are some of the specific benefits people enjoy when they first try online dating.

  • Profile Capability - The chance to create a unique profile to express yourself is entirely unique to online dating. Sure, when you meet in person you can gradually get to talking about profile information. But online, you have the ability to express yourself exactly the way you want to, making it more likely that potential partners like you for who you really are.

  • No Stress - With online dating, the stress of first meeting someone, or first indicating that you're interested in someone, is basically eliminated. Online dating is generally structured in a way that limits rejection, which is a huge part of the stress of dating. Of course, this doesn't mean relationships always work out down the road - but it's easier to get started in this more relaxed environment.

  • Broad Potential - Particularly for people looking to date in foreign countries, this is a major perk of online dating. The ability to reach thousands of people online with your profile makes it more likely to find a strong match without the hassles of having to meet people by chance in person.

  • Personal Pace - Finally, with online dating you're free to move at your own pace. If you make a connection, you can choose to meet in person, to take things slowly online, etc., and it's entirely up to you. This is far more relaxed than most ordinary dating environments, and allows you to focus on compatibility rather than stress about making a good impression.

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