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Welcome to the F.A.Q. area!

F.A.Q. area (Frequently Asked Questions) can help you to find out all the services that we offer you!
1. Registration
2. My profile
3. Pictures
4. Messages
5. Messages translation
6. Folders
7. Preferences
8. Accounts and payments
9. Rankings
10. Useful suggestions
11. Other


1. Registration


Is the registration free?

Yes. The registration is free for everyone.

Where can I register?

To register, you have to click «Register», fill in the registration form and click the “Register” button.


2. My profile


How to create a personal profile?

First of all, you have to register. The registration will give you the possibilty to create your personal profile and use the site services. In order to make a profile, click the link «My profile». It is recommended to fill it carefully: the number and kind of users who will contact you will depend on what is written in your profile page.

Is it compulsory to complete all the sections?

No, the compilation is completely optional. You can answer only the questions which you want to make visible to the other users. Your possibilties to draw attention depend on how much you succeed to make your personal page interesting and original.

How can I change my personal data?

In order to correct or update your own personal data, as the nickname, email or the date of birth, it’s necessary to login and access to the section «Personal data».

How to make my profile more visible to other users?

Every day new users register in our site. Your profile goes constantly down in the search results, becoming less and less visible: its place is taken by new users. Use the new function «Reach the Top» to raise the popularity of your profile and put it again at the top of search results!


3. Pictures


How can I add a photo?

To add your photos you have to go to the section «My profile» — «Photos». Every single photo does not have to be bigger than 3 MB and can be uploaded in gif, jpeg, tiff, bmp or png format.

Which kind of photo can I upload?

It is possible to upload any type of photo that contains your recognizable person and that doesn’t go against the common sense. We advise you to publish only photos of good quality, in order to make your profile more interesting.
Are prohibited:
- Photos without face; photos of other persons; photos that have no relation with this service and your page – such as photos of children, animals, landscapes, or with strong or obvious elaborations or photomontages; photographies excessively dark or unfocused, etc.
- Moreover, it is prohibited to upload pornographic images (with explicit sexual actions); they will be blocked by the Administrator.
Which photos is possible to upload, in the end? The rules are simple: decorous photographies, in which your face is visible.

How many photos can I add?

“Free Members” can add up to 3 photos. “Gold Members” up to 8.

How can I delete a photo?

In the section «My profile» — «Photos» choose the photo you want to delete, press the button “Delete” and confirm clicking ”Yes”.

How come I cannot add a photo?

If an error occurs during the photo uploading, it is possible that you have tried to upload a photo with an invalid format or with a size bigger than 3 MB, which is the maximum allowed. In that case it’s necessary, prior to the upload, to reduce the file size or to change its format in one of those permitted: gif, jpeg, tiff, bmp or png. If a connection error occurs during the uploading or you cannot see the thumbnail of your photo, it is reccomended to delete it and try again.

Why other users cannot see my photos?

Ever photo has to be verified before the publication. This process may last a few hours, and, after the photo has been verified, it will become instantly visible to the other users.

May I add a photo with erotic contents?

If you want to add, in the section «My profile» — «Photos», some photo with erotic contents, or more intimate photo, please check the “Intimate/Erotic” check-box, in order to speed-up the verification process. Such picture will be hidden to the visitors by a warning icon "18+". Only registered users can open and see your photo, clicking on the symbol. It is strictly forbidden to upload pornographic images (with explicite sexual actions) or photos against common sense. Such photos will be blocked by the administrator.


4. Messages


Why cannot I send messages to other users?

All registered users can send “Flirt messages” to the others, but only «Gold members» can read and/or write messages.

How can I write a message to another user?

All «Gold members» can send messages to all other users. It is necessary to register, then, from the Profile page of the users you want to contact, click the button “Write me a message”.

What does it mean “Flirt messages?”

The Flirt is the simplest way to express your interest towards another user. Any registered user can flirt with everyone else. It is enough to click one of the “Flirt buttons” from the user's page you’re interested in. If that user finds you interesting, you will receive a reply message!

How can another user know that I wrote him/her a message?

It depends on the user’s choices. He/she could be let know by e-mail or after he/she is logged on. If the user is online, the information arrives instantly! And he/she could read your message accessing the section «My messages».

How to read a new message?

It’s sufficient to open the section «My messages» and click the folder containing the new messages. The messages received from unknown users will be stored in the folder “General”. In order to read messages, it’s enough to click the link “Messages”, located on the right of the user’s name.

How to be informed about the new messages arrived?

In order to be informed by e-mail, it is necessary to select the apposite check-box in the section «Preferences». Otherwise, you will be informed as soon as you log on the site. By default a note is always sent by e-mail.

How can I know if the user have read the message I sent him/her?

In the section «My messages» open the message archive of the chosen user, clicking the button «Messages» located on the right of the user’s name. Beside every message there is an envelope: if it’s closed, the message has not been read yet; if it’s open, the message has been read.

Is it possible to erase a message that has been sent or received?

No, it’s not possible. It is possible though to delete a user, moving his contact to the trash-can. Open the menu «My messages», select the unwanted user’s folder and move it to the «Trash-can».


5. Messages translation


Can the messages be translated in a different language?

Thanks to the new function «Automatic translation» now you can read the translated version of all the messages you've sent and received. It will be easier to communicate with users from all over the world, since you can choose among a lot of different languages.

We offer you a highly reliable translation tool. Choose your preferred language and enjoy the new feature!

Which languages do you support in the messages translation?

We provide messages translation from and into these languages: Arab, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norvegian, Polish, Portoguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ucrainian, Vietnamese.

Please note: to display correctly the translation, you may need to install specific language kits for some of these languages.

How can I view the automatic translation?

To show/hide the translated version of the messages you must click on the button «Show translation» in the messages window.Show/hide the translated version of the messages


6. Folders


How to create a new folder?

In the section «My messages» click the button “Create new folder”, name the folder and click “Save”.

Why cannot I create a new folder?

In order to make new folders you have to be registered as “Gold Member”.

How to move a contact and all his messages from one folder to another?

In order to move a user (together with all his message archive) from one folder to another, it is necessary to access the section «My messages», select the check box beside the contact you want to move, choose the destination folder and click the button “Move”.

How to remove a folder?

Go to the section «My messages» and press the button “Delete” relative to the folder you want to remove; then confirm your decision clicking “Yes”. Attention: removing the folder you will lose all references to the included users.

What’s the purpose of “Black list”?

You probably noticed the folder “Black list” among others. You can use this folder when you want to interrupt the communication with some user, and you will not be informed about the messages he writes to you. It’s enough to move the contact you don't want to hear from anymore to the folder “Black list”. Anyway, it is always possible to resume the communication with that user, moving him from the “Black list” to any other folder.


7. Preferences


How to change the password?

In order to change your password for the site access, go to the section «Change password». The change will be carried out immediately, without any confirmation by e-mail.

May I change my referential e-mail?

In order to change your contact e-mail, go to the section «Change email». A confirmation message will be sent to the new address.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to delete your profile, go to the «Preferences» and click the button “Delete account”. It will be sent to you an e-mail with the instructions to cancel your account. After the account deleting, all your data and messages will be permanently removed.

I forgot my password! What can I do?

If you forgot your password, go to the page «Password retrieve». An e-mail will be sent to you in short time with your access data.

I forgot my username! What can I do?

If you forgot your username, go to the page «Username retrieve». An e-mail will be sent to you in short time, with your access data.


8. Accounts and payments


Which are the differences between "Free" and "Gold Members"?

For all details, please visit the page «Services».

How to become a "Gold Member"?

Free forever!!! All users which register before 31-12-2018 will have as a gift the free “Gold” membership with no expiration date. Afterwards, all new registered men will have anyway the opportunity to access our advantageous «Prices» in order to become “Gold Members”.
Important, for all women: the Gold services will be offered GRATIS always, also after the promotional period (Service «Reach the Top» not included).

How much does it cost to become a "Gold Member"?

All users which register before 31-12-2018 will have as a gift the free “Gold” membership with no expiration date. Afterwards, all new registered men will have anyway the opportunity to access our advantageous «Prices» in order to become “Gold Members”.

How to pay?

It’s possible to pay by Credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, ...), with PayPal or with your mobile / home phone too, thanks to the partnership with DaoPay, the market leader in micropayment systems that allows you to pay through SMS or phone call from more than 200 countries in the world! No registration is needed, no commissions will be applied and your telephone number will not be stored.

For more details, visit the page «Payment».
All users which register before 31-12-2018 will have as a gift the free “Gold” membership with no expiration date. All men who will register after the offer expiration date will have anyway the opportunity to access our advantageous «Prices» in order to become “Gold Members”.


9. Rankings


How does it work?

Now you can take part to the rankings, to find the most interesting and ideal profiles! Help us to find the sexiest girl, the cutest guy, the ideal wife and husband, the ideal lover... The ranking is based on votes from registered users only. It is possible to vote for an user from his personal page, and it's also possible to vote for both men and women. You can vote for every profile once every 30 days, and it’s not possibile to cancel your vote. The rankings are calculated in real time!

How to take part to the rankings?

To allow other users to vote you, it’s enough to choose “Yes” in the page Preferences --> Take part in rankings and to have at least one approved picture.

How to vote?

It is possible to vote for an user from his personal page, and it's also possible to vote for both men and women.

How to receive more votes and get higher rankings?

If you upload nice, sexy and attractive photos, you have a chance to enter the Top 100 list!

I don't want to take part in rankings, what to do?

To be excluded from rankings choose “No” in the page Preferences --> Take part in rankings.

Is it possible to know who voted me?

No, votes are anonymous.


10. Useful suggestions


What it means spam/spammer?

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media. A spammer is a person or organisation that sends out spam. Spammers tend to go to extreme lengths to hide their identity because they are generally despised and hated by the internet community because spam is unwanted, clogs up network resources and wastes a considerable amount of time.

What it means scam/scammer?

A scammer is a fake profile using the website for commercial purposes. Illegal advertisement, redirection to other websites where you have to pay, asking for credit card details or money - these are scammers' most frequent activities. If you suspect a member of being a scammer, use the "Complain" button at the bottom of the member's profile page to report them. We also don't recommend you to provide your personal details (like email address or phone number) to those members you only just started to talk to. We can protect you from scammers on the website, but we can't do that if you continue to have conversations by phone, email or instant messenger.

Do you fight spammers and scammers?

We delete and ban both spammers and scammers! We developed a lot of complex anti-spam and anti-scam filters that help us to block them during the registration process. In dating sites, usually 20% of subscription requests are from scammers: we block the 99% of them before they can contact other people on the site. The other 1% is blocked with the help of users.

I received a message with some strange proposals, what do I have to do?

Please pay attention: if you received a message from an unknown user, containing advertisement for any service or some strange demand for payment, money, mobile phone recharge, it is probably a swindle attempt. Pay much attention, and if you think it’s the case, contact us.

I have received a “chain letter”, what does it mean?

The "Chain letter" – is a typical phenomenon related to the development of internet communication. You can freely trash the letter and block the user from which you have received it. Generally, we advise you to:
- not to diffuse this kind of messages – they are messages which invite users to forward them to more users, promising happiness, money etc.
- not to reply to this kind of messages.


11. Other


What are the visit counters?

The visit counters are used to know how many users have seen your page. They show in fact how many users have visited your profile today, during the last week and the last month. In order to see the list of users that have been interested in you, click the highlighted number. The counters are updated in real time.

Terms of use agreement

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