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Why subscribe to Lonely Soul?

The site is one, but there are several ways to use and enjoy it. This makes it UNIQUE!

And your experience here will be UNIQUE too! Join us. You could find the love of your life, your best friend, or you ideal lover!

Who knows, maybe your soulmate is waiting for you here in Lonely Soul...

There's someone who is looking for...
Marriage - Long term relationships
Registered women are looking for...
Love, relationship 82 %
Marriage, family 65 %
Birth, child education 39 %

Marriage - Long term relationships

Looking for Russian Women for marriage or long term relationships? Lonely Soul is the Best Russian, Ukrainian and est-Europe countries Women site!

...someone for...
Registered women are looking for...
Correspondence 80 %
Friendship 78 %
Travel mate 30 %
Sport practice 21 %
Room mate 8 %


Looking for a travel companion, room mate or sport practice companion in your city? There are already thousands of users looking for his companion in Lonely Soul!

Registered women are writing from...
Russia Russia 28 %
Ukraine Ukraine 18 %
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 7 %
Philippines Philippines 6 %
Belarus Belarus 6 %
Moldova Moldova 5 %
United States United States 4 %
Italy Italy 4 %
Registered women speak...
English 82 %
Russian 70 %
Italian 30 %
German 18 %
French 15 %
Spanish 6 %
Chinese 2 %
Portoguese 2 %

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