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Why subscribe to Lonely Soul?

  You're dreaming to find your happiness, wherever it could be, in your country or abroad, on the other side of the world?
You're tired of your loneliness, you desire attention and a man who would know you deeply?
You want a better life, and a future to believe in, you want to create a family with the man you will love?

You think this is a dream that cannot be realized?
Everything is possible, though. And you're on the right way!

This is the site for you.

Marriage - Long term relationships

Marriage - Long term relationships Here you could easily find new friends, meet people from all over the world and find your twin soul!
Register now, and choose among thousands of admirers. The registration process is very simple, and totally free for all the women!
Registered men are looking for...
Marriage, family 69 %
Love, relationship 67 %
Birth, child education 32 %


Looking for a travel companion, room mate or sport practice companion in your city? There are already thousands of users looking for his companion in Lonely Soul! Friendship
Registered men are looking for...
Friendship 77 %
Correspondence 54 %
Travel mate 26 %
Sport practice 16 %
Room mate 10 %

Do not wait for miracles anymore, you can choose your destiny yourself, without losing time: you can search, choose, communicate, meet! Register now and see by yourself.

Registered men are writing from...
Italy Italy 30 %
Russia Russia 16 %
United States United States 12 %
Ukraine Ukraine 8 %
United Kingdom United Kingdom 7 %
Germany Germany 7 %
Turkey Turkey 6 %
Sweden Sweden 5 %
Registered men speak...
English 77 %
Russian 45 %
Italian 35 %
German 20 %
French 16 %
Spanish 10 %
Portoguese 6 %
Arab 6 %

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