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Outcry over Australian 'poverty porn' documentary
06-05-2015 08:06

An Australian mayor has accused public broadcaster SBS of promoting "poverty porn" in a controversial new documentary about working class Sydney residents, as a picket line of garbage trucks protested the programme Wednesday. SBS is set to air "Struggle Street", a three-part series, from Wednesday night showcasing the lives of people in multicultural Mount Druitt, one of Sydney's more disadvantaged suburbs, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of the city. "What I saw wasn't a documentary, it was simply publicly-funded poverty porn," he said on a petition at, which has attracted almost 3,000 supporters. "I share the outrage of local residents who feel they were lied to about what this documentary would be.

Charlie Hebdo receives PEN award at literary gala in NYC
06-05-2015 07:44
NEW YORK (AP) — Under armed security and a cloud of conflicted opinions and emotions, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was presented a freedom of expression award on Tuesday night from the PEN American Center.
Smashing Pumpkins frontman bring awareness to vets
06-05-2015 07:39

NEW YORK (AP) — When Smashing Pumpkins takes the stage this summer, part of the band's mission will be to raise awareness of the plight of U.S. military veterans.

Food critic Josh Ozersky found dead in Chicago hotel
06-05-2015 06:18

CHICAGO (AP) — Food critic Josh Ozersky, whose witty and snarky writing generally focused on his obsession with all things meat, has died in Chicago. He was 47.

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