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Success stories on Lonely Soul!

Tell us your success story!
You've met on Lonely Soul someone special? You've found friendship or love on our site? You had special meetings worth to be published? Share your success story with the other users. Tell us something about yourself and about your experience on Lonely Soul!
A lot of people have already found happiness in our site! Here are the most interesting stories that we receive directly from our users!
Ksenia & Gianluca, 16-09-2011

Our happy meeting

I am from Russia. I was looking on this site for someone special... my Love.
About 2 years ago I have decided to register on this site. As many persons here I was really lonely and I hoped to meet finally my special man... Sure I don't believe in perfect person. I understand very clearly all we have some defects and some weaknesses. I needed someone who will make our relationship, our union full of love with respect and understanding. I am very lucky and happy person because I met Him... My Love here in Lonely Soul. It happened not immediatly. We chatted here about 1 year. Then our first real meeting. And about 2 mounths ago we got married. Now we both want ti thank this site and his creators. You helped us and gave chance to be happy. Thank you a lot!!!! Ksenia and Gianluca.
Svetlana & Enzo, 25-08-2011

Un sogno romantico diventato realtà

Svetlana è il mio nome di fantasia. Sono ucraina, ho 28 anni e vivo in Italia da qualche anno, in un piccolo paese del Nord-Est.
Quando sono partita dall'Ucraina per venire in Italia, avevo un sogno dentro il mio cuore. Esso mi ha tenuto compagnia durante i primi difficili anni in Italia, insieme al timore che non si sarebbe realizzato. Era un sogno romantico, un sogno che tutte noi emigranti abbiamo: anzitutto imparare la lingua, ambientarsi, fare amicizie... e poi trovare il proprio AMORE, la propria anima gemella, dopo le tante delusioni amorose vissute in Ucraina. Un uomo che ci ami per quello che siamo e non solo ci desideri per la nostra bellezza. Il mio sogno si è realizzato! Sono arrivata in Italia illegalmente, ed ho lavorato come badante per diversi anni presso una anziana signora. La paga mi bastava appena per pagare l'affitto e mettere da parte qualcosa da spedire ai miei parenti. Uscivo regolarmente tutti i giorni ad accompagnare Maria (altro nome di fantasia), la signora di 80 anni con un passo così rapido che era difficile starle dietro! Dopo aver chattato per un po' di tempo, ci siamo messi d'accordo per incontrarci nel mio paese. Ho inventato una scusa per uscire da sola, sono andata in piazza, e lui era già li... 35 anni, timido, riservato, un po' bamboccione e molto imbranato con le donne. Ma l'avevo già capito sul sito! Così diverso dagli uomini russi. Non pensavo fosse così il mio amore! Sono stata io a fare il primo approccio su Lonely Soul, sono stata io in chat ad insistere per uscire insieme, sono stata io a....... ma è stato lui a chiedermi la mano! Ora siamo sposati da circa 2 anni ed è arrivato da poco il nostro primogenito: grazie, Lonely Soul, per avermi cambiato la vita IN MEGLIO! Grazie, grazie!
Translation in English: A romantic dream that became truth
Svetlana is my nickname. I am from Ukraine, I’m 28 years old and I live in Italy for a few years now, in a small North-eastern village.
When I have left Ukraine in order to come in Italy, I had a dream within my heart. It has held me company during the first difficult years in Italy, and it was accompanied with the fear that it would never become true. It was a romantic dream, the all we emigrants have: first of all to learn the language, to get used to the new surrounding, to make friendships… and then to find LOVE, the real love, the own twin soul, after many love dissapointments in Ukraine. A man who would love me for what I am, and not only of the desire for my beauty. My dream really has been come true! I arrived in Italy illegaly, and I have worked as a carer for various years for an old lady. The salary was barely enough to pay the rent and to put apart something in order to send it to my relatives. I used to go out every day to accompany Mrs. Maria (another fantasy name), a lady 80 years old, but with a walk so speedy that it was sometimes difficult to keep the pace with her. Anyway, we chatted for a while on Lonely Soul site, then I proposed to meet in my small village. I made up an excuse to go out alone, walked to the main square, and... here he is... 35 years old, shy, reserved, a little childlish and much clumpsy with women. Exactly as I imagined him while we were chatting: so different from the Russian men. I didn’t think that he could be my love! It was me who contacted him in Lonely Soul site, it was me who had to make the first approach; I had to ask him to go out together, it was me, always, who... but it was HIM who asked for my hand! Now we are married for two years already and it has just arrived the firstborn child. Thank you, Lonely Soul, for you have changed my life IN BEST! Thanks, thanks!
Ian & Natalia, 27-12-2010

The dream comes true

Ian, 40, from USA and Natalia, 31 from Arkhangelsk, Russia
I subscribed to Lonely Soul about a year ago and I started to message with different girls... since I met HER, and after not more than three weeks, it was only her that had my attention. Then we exchanged e-mail addresses and started to use messenger. We planned our first meeting and went together in Greece, for two weeks. I had so many hopes and dreams to be realized!!! Now I can say freely that I have found my love, thanks to Lonely Soul! To all girls who have dreams to find love: what you have to do is to follow your heart, to be oneself, honest and sincere, to have confidence and faith. The rest is coming by itself.
Emy & Yulia, 06-06-2010

Viva Lonely Soul!

Io mi sono iscritto per conoscere gente e penso che anche per lei sia lo stesso.
Ringrazio molto i gestori e i creatori del sito, l'ho trovato un po' per caso, su consiglio di una ragazza conosciuta su un'altro sito, ho conosciuto tante ragazze, ma yulia era speciale, ci siamo incontrati per la prima volta a Molino Dorino, una fermata del metro milanese, poi dopo un po' di tempo che uscivamo e' scoccato il tutto, insieme siamo andati in un sacco di posti, e il nostro amore e' sincero. Auguri a tutti. A settembre ci sposiamo, Emy & Yulia.
Translation in English: Emy & Yulia
I registered here because I wanted to meet people, and I believe for her was the same.
I want to thank the site management, I found this site by chance, being advised by a girl which I've met on another site, here I met a lots of girls, but Yulia was special. We met for the first time at Molino Dorino, Milano metro station, and after a while, after we met different times, the bang happened, we visited many places together, and we discovered true love. I wish all to best to all others... and we will marry in September! Emy & Yulia.
Zhanna & Erwin, 09-09-2009 Zhanna & Erwin

Zhanna & Erwin

Mein Name ist Erwin aus Österreich,bin 44 Jahre jung und war 4 Jahre geschieden bis ich meine große Liebe hier gefunden habe. Meine Frau Zhanna ist 36 Jahre jung, wohnte in Moldavien und ist russische Staatsbürgerin.
Hallo ihr Lonely Souls! Wie sich ein Zufall sich ergeben hat habe ich mich unverbindlich hier bei Lonely Soul registriert und schon nach kurzer Zeit habe ich eine nette russische Frau mit Namen Zhanna am 19. Dezember 2008 angeschrieben. Nach wenigen geschriebenen Wortwechseln haben wir uns 14 Tage später real in Odessa getroffen und es war von Anfang an kein Problem der unterschiedlichen Sprache und Herkunft. Wir haben uns sprichwörtlich in einander verliebt und unser Wunsch war die Zukunft gemeinsam zu verbringen. Nach dem ersten Treffen haben wir uns täglich im Life-chat unterhalten und den Plan für die Zukunft gefunden. Nun sind wir seit 29.August verheiratet und leben glücklich in Österreich zusammen. Ich kann nur jeden raten seinen Charakter nicht zu verbergen,ehrlich und offen sowie auch spontan sein Glück zu suchen und ein Zufall wird euch zusammen führen. Ich danke dem Lonely Soul Team für die einfache und praktische Gestaltung dieser Partnervermittlung und kann sie nur weiter empfehlen.Viel Glück allen die meinem Beispiel folgen wollen :-)
Translation in English: Zhanna & Erwin
My name is Erwin from Austria, I'm 44 and I have been divorced 4 years by now, 'till I have found here my big love. My Mrs. Zhanna is 36, she lived in Moldavia and she's Russian citizen.
Hello, you Lonelysouls! It happened as a coincidence and I registered to this site without engagement and after a short time a nice Russian woman named Zhanna registered on 19th December 2008. After a few written disputes we met personally 14 days later in Odessa and it was no problem neither of different language nor of different origin. We proverbially fell in love with each other at the first sight, and our wish was to have the future together. After the first meeting we have stayed connected daily in Life chat and made plans for the future... Now we are married since 29-th August and live happy together in Austria. I can only advise everyone not to hide the own character, to search honestly and openly as well as spontaneously the own luck and a chance will put you together. I thank the Lonely soul team for the simple and practical organization of this partner mediation and I can recommend it further. I wish good luck to those who want to follow my example : -)
Edward & Irina, 04-08-2009

Love on Lonely Soul

Edward, 31, from Utrecht, Netherlands and Irina, 26 from Moscow, Russia.
I subscribed to Lonely Soul about a year ago and I started to message with different girls... since I met HER, and after not more than three weeks, it was only her that had my attention. Then we exchanged e-mail addresses and started to use messenger. We planned our first meeting and went together in Greece, for two weeks. I had so many hopes and dreams to be realized!!! Now I can say freely that I have found my love, thanks to Lonely Soul! To all girls who have dreams to find love: what you have to do is to follow your heart, to be oneself, honest and sincere, to have confidence and faith. The rest is coming by itself.
Antonio & Oxana, 27-03-2009 Un sogno dal Kazakistan

Un sogno dal Kazakistan

Mi chiamo Antonio, sono di Napoli, Italia, ho 40 anni.
Nel gennaio 2008 mi sono iscritto al vostro sito, credendo ai soliti siti a scopo di lucro, invece mi sono accorto fin da subito dei buoni intenti del sito. Così mi sono iscritto ed ho iniziato a chattare, ma il piu grande problema era il linguaggio, visto che la maggior parte delle ragazze iscritte era di origine russa. Ma un giorno, il 16 febbraio 2008, il mio cuore si è fermato per un istante quando ho visto le foto di una meravigliosa creatura del Kazakistan di nome Oxana di 33 anni. Abbiamo iniziato a conoscerci con semplici messaggi che io scrivevo in inglese e traducevo in russo per poi inviarli a lei. Poi la nostra conoscenza si è trasferita su Skype e ogni giorno ci parlavamo in web cam, finche decidemmo di incontrarci finalmente a maggio 2008 in Turchia, ad Antalya, e là è nato subito il nostro grande amore che dura ancora a tutt'oggi. Sono anche io stato in Kazakistan, ad Almaty due volte, e lei e' venuta per la prima volta in Italia a settembre 2008, lei è divorziata con 2 ragazzi e io separato con una bimba di 9 anni. Il nostro sembra un amore bellissimo, una storia unica, ed entrambi vogliamo un futuro per sempre insieme... Niente ci ha scoraggiati ad andare avanti, anche se tutto mi è costato economicamente sacrifici, tante ore di aereo sia per lei che per me. Ora lei verrà in Italia tre mesi ad aprile dove prepareremo tutti i documenti per vivere insieme in Italia con anche chiaramente i suoi due ragazzi. Devo ringraziare davvero la redazione di Lonely Soul perche come ha detto un'altra ragazza che ha raccontato un'altra storia "i sogni esistono!!" e Lonely Soul a chi ci crede li puo' realizzare. Grazie mille di cuore, mi avete reso finalmente felice! Antonio.
Translation in English: A dream from Kazakhstan
I am Antonio, italian (from Napoli), 40 years old.
I registered on your site in January 2008, believing it was one of the many sites made just for profit, but I realized immediately the good intentions of this site. So I started to chat, althought I had big problems with the language, as the major part of the registered girls was of Russian origin, but one day, precisely 16th February 2008, my heart stopped beating for a moment when I saw the photos of a wonderful creature from Kazakhstan, named Oxana, 33 years old. We started to know each other with simple messages that I was translating from English to Russian and sending to her. Then we moved to Skype and we were talking with webcam every day, until we decided to meet, in May 2008 in Antalya (Turkey), where our big love started at once, and it's going on. I have been in Kazakhstan 2 times in Almaty, and she came in Italy for the first time in September 2008. She is divorced and she has 2 children; I am separated and I have a daughter, 9 y.o. Our love looks wonderful, a unique story, and we both want to be together forever in the future... nothing has discouraged us from going on, even if it was expensive economically and hard (many long hours of flights) for both of us. She will come to Italy for 3 months in April and we will prepare all the documents needed to live together in Italy, together with her kids. I really have to thank the Lonely Soul Team because, as the girl who wrote another story here, I say "Miracles exist!!", and Lonely Soul can help to realize them those who believe. Thanks from the heart, you have made me happy! Antonio.
Lucia & Luca, 18-03-2009

Нечаянно нашла единственного.

Мне 22 года, по профессии экономист, на сайте искала друга
На этом сайте среди множества других мужчин я встретила единственного особенного. Случайно. Мы общаемся уже больше месяца, каждый день. Он очень чуткий, нежный и внимательный, а также очень умный. У нас всегда миллионы тем для разговоров... С ним никогда не бывает скучно. Для меня он идеален, так же как и я для него... И уже не важно, что между нами около 4 тысяч километров... Мы чувствует друг друга... Передаем свои эмоции посредством слов, фоторгафий и телефонных разговоров... Так сложилось, что мы не можем быть вместе в реальности. Но не теряем надежды увидеться. Да это в принципе и не важно. Уже счастье что мы встретились здесь, ведь так тяжело найти человека, который действительно каждый день открывает тебе новые грани жизни... Мы влюблены друг в друга... Я нашла то, что искала! Лучшего друга и мужчину свой мечты... Спасибо огромное создателям этого сайта... И пусть побольше будет счастья и любви в вашей жизни!!!
Translation in English: I suddenly found my one and only.
I am 22 years old, I work as economist, and I was looking for a friend
I have found in this site my only and special one, among a lots of men. Accidentally. We are corresponding for more than a month, every day. He is very sensible, sweet and full of attentions and also very clever. We always have millions of different topics to discuss... with him it's never boring. He is ideal for me, as I am for him... It's not important anymore that there are 4.000 km between us... We feel each other... We exchange our feelings by letters, pictures and telephone calls... The matter is that we can't be together in real life, but we are not losing hope to meet. By the way, this is not important. It was a fortune to meet here, as it is so hard to find a person who can open every day new facets of life... We are in love... I have found what I was looking for! The best friend and the man of my dreams... Many thanks to the creators of this site... I wish you all happiness and love in your life!
Matteo & Caterina, 21-01-2009

Sto vivendo un sogno...

Io mi chiamo Matteo, ho 32 anni e lavoro come impiegato a Roma. Lei si chiama Caterina, ha 26 anni, russa e sta imparando l'italiano con me.
Senza crederci più di tanto, mi sono iscritto a questo sito attratto dalle fotografie delle belle ragazze, cercando di divertirmi un po'. Ma dopo poco tempo ho conosciuto una ragazza che si è rivelata la donna che mi ha riempito il cuore e l'anima con la sua dolcezza e con il suo spirito. Adesso ci stiamo preparando al primo incontro, e sono felicissimo, eccitato e fiducioso di aver trovato la donna della mia vita. Grazie a Lonely Soul...
Translation in English: I am living a dream...
My name is Matteo, 32 years old. I work as employee in Rome. Caterina, 26 years old, is russian. She is learning italian with me.
I registered in Lonely Soul because I was attracted by photos of lovely girls, and I wasn't hoping very much. I was just looking for some fun. Then, after a short while I met a girl who filled my heart and my soul with her kindness and her spirit. Now we are organizing our first meeting, and I feel happy, excited and hopeful. I have found the woman of my life. Thanks, Lonely Soul...
Таня, 28-12-2008

Я нашла тут много новых друзей

Меня зовут Таня, мне 21 года, живу в Москве и учусь в университете.
Я зарегистрировалась на этом сайте потому что очень люблю итальянскую культуру и музыку. Давно мечтаю путешествовать в Италию... на Lonely Soul я нашла многых интересных людей и подружилась с симпатичными парнями. Надеюсь, что, кроме дружбы, я найду и мужчину своей мечты тут...
Translation in English: I have found a lot of new friends here
My name is Tanya, I am 21 years old, I live in Moscow and I am university student.
I registered here because I like very much italian culture and music. I am dreaming about a trip to Italy for a long time... in Lonely Soul I found a lot of interesting people and I became friends with many cute men. I hope to find, besides friendship, also the special one...
Yuliya & Paolo, 14-11-2008 Чудеса существуют!

Чудеса существуют!

Я русская, живу в Италии. Мне 31 год. Он итальянец, его зовут Паоло. Мы женились в сентябре.
Я познакомилась с итальянским мужчиной на этом сайте, потом встретились, влюбились... никогда не думала, что это может случиться, тем более со мной... но случилось! Сейчас у нас прекрасная семья, живем в Италии недалеко от Милана. Женщины, чудеса сушествуют!
Translation in English: Miracles exist!
I am russian, I live in Italy and I am 31 years old. He is italian, his name is Paolo. We married in September.
I started to correspond with an italian man here in Lonely Soul. We met and we fell in love... I never thought it could happen, especially not to me... but it did! Now we are a wonderful family, we live in Italy near Milan. Women, miracles exist!

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